Everyone is unique. Everyone of us is special. Right, that’s the concept that’s always been there that helps people recognize the value of themselves. Yet, we are not that different. When you believe that your sufferings and struggles are distinguished from other’s, perhaps all your depressions are just a part of a classical psychological reactions.

This is applicable for racial and ethnical relations too. Although racial and ethnical backgrounds various from country to country, the are a lot of similar features in terms of popular opinions about races and the attitude towards minority groups in a society. Latin America and China are two completely different counties countries with disparate history and culture, but similar unity and separation can be find in both places.

I believe that’s my expectation about our project and group presentation. My partner Jon is interested in discovering Latino or Hispanic identity, namely what it means to be Latino and Hispanic. And my research interest is the Chinese majority and minority relations, including the assimilation and separation, and current xenophobic attitude towards African immigrants in China.

By demonstrate two completely different but closely connected cases, I wish we can relatable changes of racial and ethnical relations and the universal reasons underlying these phenomenon.


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