Attempting to get attention can be much easier than half a century ago. When I was watching Selma, the movie about Dr. King and civil rights movement, I imagined that the progress would be made much faster than if powerful social media we have now was established that time. Most of us wish that our class can make a difference and I believe this entails the involvement of mass media. In the time that everyone can be a self media through twitter, Facebook or other social networks, a more important thing to consider here is how to let more people see our effort and join us.

Attracting attention from authoritative figure and traditional media, I believe, is the key to publicize the work we have done in our classroom. The hardest part lies on how to gain the attention from authoritative figure in the field and social media. I think an artistic and active creation is necessary here. We may video tape our class presentations and edit them to be an evocative promotional video. Planning to attract wide attention is never my specialty, but I will put my effort in order to achieve that.


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